Woops, There goes another Petrol Station

Midnight Club 3 Game Reflection

This is my all time favourite racing and car customisation game, I played this game for hours and at my peak performance I was unbeatable among my friends. I still dust of the case to play it again and once more become queen of the street racers in my heavily customised, ridiculously shiny and decal covered Chrysler 300c.

This games had so many great feature even the races were dynamic and required a high level of adaptability sometime requiring a different vehicle altogether, like a motorbike. I must admit I wasn’t as good on a motorbike as I was in a car maybe it was the physiological comfort of four weeks and a protective shell. The ability to adjust the radio station was a game feature I thoroughly enjoyed, how much I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of the city I had come to think of as my city as a range of musical tuned added a relaxed background music to my cruise around town.

Oh the length I went to to customise my car both internally and externally sometime felt a little extreme but in the midst of a race when I felt the difference in performance it all seemed completely necessary in fact essential that I maintain the inner aspect of my vehicle as well as the aesthetics. I have always enjoyed games that bring the technical side into the forefront and don’t just focus on aesthetics. I also liked that I wasn’t forced to upgrade, it was advise in order to win or complete a task but it wasn’t forced upon you which was nice.

The material behaviour and open world feature, which while not unique to this game, were deeply satisfying. There was a constant visual reference not just to your influence on your vehicle but also the world around you, this always made me personally feel more connected to the game. I changed things I was part of this dynamic digital world, it was not just a backdrop it was an evolving space that I helped mould through play, weather purposely as I crashed through building windows, as a shortcut, or accidentally spun off course, rerouting traffic or crashing into a petrol station, KAABOOM ooops. I love how forgiving game like tis can be as an abstraction from real life mistakes it is always nice to play a game where magically everything is reset; you can try again, improving your skills with not fear of failing only the feeling of growing each time to alter, refine and improve your driving.

Sometimes it was nice to just drive around the city getting to know the streets and shortcuts. Although I still play the game every now and again I don’t know the city as I once did but the digital streets are familiar to me and I soon feel right at home.

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Shanique Thompson

Shanique Thompson


Eclectically skilled indie games dev & researcher interested in crafting in games, budding curator, & lingerie researcher {Neurodiverse — Dyslexic Team}