Creatures Game Reflection

I found this article that I wrote over two years ago and never publish, its short but still very true for me so I though I would publish it and give it its own sence of freedom.

This beautiful game was one that I cherished, I can’t remember if I had it on the computer or the PlayStation first but either way the PlayStation version is the one that remains in my games library, which when I have a chance I dust off and play. The PlayStation, or Playstation 1, is a suprisingly robust machine that has stood the test of time, being lent to another person for 3 years and its subsiquent return to me.

I am glad to say that when I played it I developed a thriving society build on an exchange of care, companionship and labour. what a great delight these little creature gave me when I succeeded in making them happy and helping them learn to engage with the world around them. Despite the limitation I found the proccess of creating a world, exploring biology and executing the best digital pastoral care I could.

As with quite a few of the games I enjoy most this game demanded patience and a level of adaptability. What were these creature, I never felt the need to define them they were mine as much as I was theirs. Although each day we did similar tasks their unique personalities and needs made it feel different and almost like a shared journey. I must admit I felt a great sense of pride when I noticed them doing things I had taught them independently.

Rereading this has made long for the musical intro, the unique sounds and yet another, long overdue, reunion with my creature companions somewhere far off in a quite area of space.

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Shanique Thompson

Shanique Thompson

Eclectically skilled indie games dev & researcher interested in crafting in games, budding curator, & lingerie researcher {Neurodiverse — Dyslexic Team}