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This project began inspired by my fascination with the unique colloquial terms within the knitting community. The entire game focuses around the journey of a cashmere goat learning the knitting slang from the mostly friendly sheep who live on Yarn mountain.

When experimenting with the physics for the game to…

Defining creativity is an endeavour for which the results can be rather subjective, Especially based upon the context of creativity in an educational setting, I personally feel that it is not a simple task to define creativity in a general way which can be attributed to every academic subject. And…

A reflection on the concept of education games and educational games

Due to my teaching background this is an area that I am very interested and passionate about, games are a unique and engaging medium that can reach a variety of people and share a range of concepts and feelings. …

The word ‘Gamivism’ is a portmanteau of the words Game and activism.

Gamivism is a form of activism enacted through games, games in this moments can incarcerate a range of elements such as mental health awareness, anti capitalism, feminism, environmentalism, ant segregation, neurodiversity or solidarity to name a few.


Product Analyst Resource Pack Essay


Within this essay I am going to explore why having tangible objects, and allowing pupils to explore them independently, was a more successful method than having images or descriptions of the objects alone. I will also explore the reasons as to why tactile learning is a method which engages pupils…

Barbie Explorer Game Reflection

This PlayStation 1 game was an unsung hero of it’s time. It was interesting geographically, narratively and full of many fantastic elements of game play. It was in a way a soft core Laura Croft inspired game with it’s own unique nuance in relation to its core mechanics.

Oh how…

Shanique Thompson

Eclectically skilled indie games designer & researcher interested in crafting in games, budding curator & lingerie researcher {Neurodiverse — Dyslexic Team}

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